Developing a helpful timer app to track activities and form habits

Sessions mobile app
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“Its a great product, beautifully designed and perfect for people that like me, are trying to put some order in the daily chaos routine, reserving some time to read, to learn new skills, to write and to exercise.” 

Sessions user, Lisbon

We are developing our own app called Sessions for the Apple iPhone and Watch. The app helps people dedicate time to an activity and track their progress to help focus and habit forming. In March, we released the first version which is available to download here.

What we discovered

The inspiration for Sessions comes from two ideas.
Firstly, we believe that dedicating a little time can lead to bigger lifestyle changes. Therefore, it is important to make a conscious effort to learn new things or nurture existing activities such as yoga or language speaking. 

Secondly, we are frustrated by the many digital products designed for your attention. After searching on the app store we found most timer apps to be in a the style of stopwatch. 

We saw the opportunity to design something different.

What we developed
During this first development of Sessions, we used the analogy of a stereotypical butler.

The butler’s behaviour is calm and considerate, yet out of sight. This helps users of the app focus on the activity they want to complete. 

Before the first release, we went through different iterations and carried out user testing. This user-centred approach gave us valuable learning to develop the first features for the product’s launch.

What we delivered
Sessions is a helpful timer app to track activities and form habits. The app customises timers based on a user’s pledge whilst it runs in the background or is in standby mode. The number of successful sessions are saved to help focus and motivation. 

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In March, we released the first version and to date we have had over 3,000 downloads with 5 star reviews from global users. Sessions has been featured on Product Hunt and Creative Bloq.

What Sessions users are saying...

“I'm really enjoying your app, and I believe it caters to a clear need in an effective and simple way.”

“Awesome design. The app is so clean and tidy and easy to use. Love it.”

New version of Sessions app coming soon!

We are excited to be working on a new version of the iPhone app  which is going to help users better track and share their progress for each pledge they make. In the meantime, if you have an iPhone we'd love to hear what you think of Sessions app? 

Get Sessions app for iPhone

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