Our expertise is in research, strategy, design and development.

We're an agile team with backgrounds in design, anthropology, business and engineering . We package our expertise under four services. 

Digital Product Design

We make functional and delightful user experiences and interfaces for anything digital. From apps to websites and connected devices, all our design work is driven by how and why people will use the product.

>  User experience design
>  User interface design
>  Interaction design
>  Product testing/studies

Customer Experience Strategy

We research how the customer’s world works through observations, questions and analysis. We discover new insights about what the customer actually values to drive the development of products and processes.

>  Field research/ethnography
>  Interviews and focus groups
>  Customer analysis and profiles
>  Experience/process maps

Service Design

We create new service concepts, prototype and implement meaningful customer journeys that align with business and organisational objectives, such as reducing delivery costs or improving customer loyalty. 

>  Service concepts
>  Service prototypes
>  Service blueprints
>  Organisational/business cases

Training and Development

We develop the supporting people processes that help to consistently deliver great customer experiences. Through workshops and training programmes, we love to work with internal teams across organisations. 

>  Culture development
>  Team workshops
>  Training programmes
>  Presentations

“I was very impressed at the speed in which 360 understood the brief, proposition and complex technical landscape. 360 delivered rapid ethnographic research and recommendations that were truly customer-led. A great agile team who gave a clear direction for short term implementation and long term strategic vision.”

Alan Ferguson, Head of Contactless Propositions, Barclaycard