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Improving the procurement processes for customer engagement

Scotland Excel procurement
Services: Customer Experience Strategy / Training and Development

Scotland Excel offer procurement expertise for thirty two council customers. We worked to map the journey of procurement activities which customers have; to understand what customers see, do and feel. As a result, we were able to pinpoint the opportunity areas and help Scotland Excel make the relevant changes to improve the customer facing processes and reduce inefficiencies across their organisation. 

Customers engaged with during this project

What we discovered
From hosting research workshops with customers across Scotland, we identified the opportunity to redesign Scotland Excel's website to be more user friendly and reduce the reliance on email communication.

We also discovered how to improve communication timelines, better manage customers expectations and engage customers at the right phase in the procurement process.

Furthermore we uncovered the importance of face to face meetings and events for customers travelling across Scotland.

What we developed
Working between internal teams at Scotland Excel and external workshops with customers, we framed the key findings and opportunities to improve processes.

We developed a comprehensive mapping framework which detailed the customer journey of procurement activities. 

By understanding the gaps between the internal processes and external perceptions we developed better processes for customer communication and engagement. 

What we delivered
We redesigned the customer’s journey to improve the processes for communication and engagement. All of these improvements were visualised on large customer journey maps. 

The Procurement Journey Map - Today

The Procurement Journey Map - Future

Applying the customer service values to the map

In particular, the amount of customer activities were reduced, emails were better used to move customers onto the website for better access to the relevant information.

Also we refocused the meetings and phone calls for direct and personal contact with customers.

We presented the project's outcome to Scotland Excel’s leadership team and other key individuals across their organisation.

“We were very impressed by 360’s knowledge, professionalism and approach to facilitating customer research. The insight gained from this project has been invaluable in helping us develop our customer communication and engagement.”

Maureen Robertson, Head of Communications


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