Growing direct business online with a new recommendation service

Natasha Marshall textiles
Services: Customer Experience Strategy / Service Design

Natasha Marshall Ltd are an interior textiles company who produce textile patterns for wall coverings, fabric upholstery and curtains. Following the launch of their web-shop, we worked to understand the customer experience of buying interior textiles. We then identified the opportunities to grow their relationship with customers and increase direct business online.

What we discovered
We researched and mapped out the current experience for customers buying textiles.

We learnt why customers enquire, sample and ultimately buy larger quantity of fabrics. Our research established three key insights.

Customer Experience Map for buying textiles

Key insights:
1. Interior decisions
From the colour of paint, to lighting and flooring, the customers’ decisions are influenced by their home environment.

2. Not a regular activity
Choosing fabrics is not a regular activity for customers. Therefore they are apprehensive with styling and quantity, especially when buying online.

3. Overwhelming projects
The broader shopping experience for home interiors can be lengthy and overwhelming. Customers are involved with home projects for many months, coming into contact with hundreds of samples.

What we developed
We developed an online service that gives customers personal advice on their home furnishings. Due to having no physical retail space, the Natasha Marshall team need to engage customers remotely from their studio based in Glasgow.

We designed the customer journey, website user interfaces and supporting processes. This included the key phases of the sales process for customers enquiring, sampling and purchasing fabrics. To drive the style of the service we used these values: approachable, personal and convenient.

What we delivered
We designed an industry-leading service for customers buying textiles online. The Ask the Studio  service is a convenient way for customers to get personalised recommendations on fabric style, its use and quantity, all the comfort of their own home.

The service works by customers sharing photos and relevant details about their interior with the Natasha Marshall team. Within 3 days, the customer receives an email with recommendations tailored to their request, then fabric samples and larger quantities can be directly ordered.

The Ask the Studio service supports the long term business strategy of growing the Natasha Marshall brand and increasing the sale conversion rates for direct business online.

This service is anticipated to go live later in 2015.


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